School websites are required by law to have between 36 and 50 different items and the law changed in Sept 2016 again!

We are here to help you by offering a checking service for your school website, to make sure you are compliant.

If your website doesn’t comply with statutory requirements, it will contribute to a Requires Improvement rating…

This is a school that requires improvement. It is not good because…

The school’s website does not meet statutory requirements

Improve leadership and management by ensuring that all subject leaders and the governing body…

update the school’s website so it meets statutory requirements

The governance of the school

The governing body has not ensured that the school website meets the statutory requirements.

For £75 we will examine your website and provide you with a report on its DFE statutory compliance.
We can also help you get it compliant or even provide a whole new website that is easy to use!

Get in touch to get your school statutory website compliance report

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